Property Hunting

Belgian Quality Estates negociates for the purchase or rental of your property.

Looking for a purchase agent ? Belgian Quality Estates carries out the negociation in your name!

People looking for a property to buy in Belgium often hesitate to call a real estate agent.
We offer to potential buyers/renters our expertise as real estate experts. In this regard we go further than classical agents who only look into their own property portofolio. 


If the property meets your expectations, we check if the price is in line with the market conditions.
We balance the advantages against the drawbacks. As soon as an agreement is reached, we make sure that all legal aspects are written down. In this respect, Belgian Quality Estates works in close cooperation with the concerned stakeholders.


If we don’t find the right property, no fee will be asked for our services. A win-win situation for the buyer/renter who avoids a stressful situation.